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Growing Great

We are excited to offer a new year of Growing Great nutrition lessons in third, fourth and fifth grade.  Students will enjoy five Growing Great interactive nutrition lessons throughout the school year led by classroom docents. The lessons are designed to inspire healthy eating by educating the students about foods that help them think, feel, and perform at their best.

If you have any questions about the Growing Great program please contact your classroom docent or Clare FlynnStacy Myrose and/or Melinda Yamamoto (coordinating docents).

Ms. Whalley – 3rd Grade
Mandy Gregory 
Simone Voskuillen 
Helen Spiridellis

Ms. Spragg – 3rd Grade
Cheryl DeSisto 
Katie David

Ms. Meyer – 3rd Grade
Amy Lanza 
Amanda Luftman

Ms. Wissell – 3rd Grade
Kristy Jones 
Karyn Horasz  

Ms. Weiss – 4th Grade
Jill Firring  
Gale Slay  

Ms. Holz – 4th Grade
Corina McGovern 
Stacy Myrose

Ms. Lautzenhiser – 4th Grade
Clare Flynn 
Jamie Wood  

Ms. Dreiling – 5th Grade
Shannon Whaley 
Janet Dargan

Ms. Hamilton – 5th Grade
Melinda Yamamoto 
Cindy Rogers