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2016/17 Party Book - New Info Coming Soon

Click here for a full list of the Parent Parties

What is it?
The Party Book is a great fundraising tool for an auction. It is a catalog of all the parties that parents can buy into. Basically, rather than one person paying $1000 on a dinner party for 10, and inviting 9 of their friends -­‐ ten people can pay $100 each and bid for it separately.  This allows for greater accessibility (more than one winner) and is more affordable for the buyers. Any event meant for many people can be a Party Book Party and cataloged in the 'Party Book' portion of the auction.

How do you Host one?
To donate a Party Book party is very rewarding, fun, and a great way to make new friends! Many times a party committee is formed with people who all pitch in. The donors are responsible for all financial aspects of putting on their event. This includes food, wine and so forth. You can pick a date that works for your party. A main yearly calendar is on display in the library or "The Hub" as it is now called.

What you'll need:
• Fill out a Party Host Form. This is a simple form that gives a title, explains who the party is for (adults, kids or both), a simple description, maximum number of guests, suggested bid price/ guest, time and date, location and the host(s) names.  It is helpful to have one main contact person.
• Promote your party! Talk it up to your friends, create a 8X10 Flyer, or post it on our Facebook page.
• Have your party. You will be given a guest list of all the winners. You will send out invitations (i.e. Evites, Paperless Post, an email...) inviting those guests. Follow through on your auctioned party description and you are all set!

What should I do!?!
Some EXAMPLES of Party Book Parties (and YES you are welcome to steal these  ideas and make them your own) are:

▪ Bunko w/The Babes! An adult only party with Bunko instruction to get us going on Bunko-­‐  limit 15

▪ Tour a Bakery -­‐ consult a local baker or restaurant and have the children get a sneak peak!  Maybe have a picnic afterward...

▪ Flip Flops and Lemon Drops -­‐ a women's party with mani/pedi's and Lemondrop martinis!  Find a local salon or host it at your house.

▪ Flower Plower -­‐ contact a local Florist to donate 2 hours of their time

Dry Bar, Pub Crawl, Cookie Decorating for Kids, the sky of possibilities is endless. Always remember to ask for donations before paying. It is wonderful how generous a school's outlying community can be. Often you or your committee can get a lot of services or products donated or discounted cutting down on overall costs.  Check out the Host Policies as well that make your life as a party giver a little easier.

How do I attend a Party Book Party?
Click here for policies and procedures. This will explain how to purchase a ticket and what will happen after that.

What Happens Next?
Your party will go up for auction! You will raise a ton of money, make new ever-­‐ lasting friendships for you and your family and feel a huge sense of accomplishment. Robinson will provide a Tax ID # for tax reductions for all your purchases and to be given to any one who donates products or services to your party.

Contact your grade level Party Book Liaisons:
1 - TBD
2 - TBD
3 - TBD
4 - TBD
5 - TBD

Thank you for all your efforts for our kids and GOOD LUCK! 

For now - Fill out the Party Host Form or contact Melissa Iacono to GET THIS PARTY STARTED!