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Message From the Principal

Dear Parents,

Well, one grade level down and two more to go.  We finished with 3rd grade testing and have started with the 4th graders. This test takes a lot out of the kids, so please try to get them in bed early and have them arrive to school on time. Besides testing, there are lots of activities happening at Robinson. Groups are practicing for the talent show, the 5th graders leave for Catalina on Wednesday, our Kinders are getting ready to perform the famous 3 Piggy Opera this Friday, and our Odyssey of the Mind group is getting ready for the world championships at the end of May. Last weekend our Honor Strings scored the highest possible score at their festival. The Honor Band goes this weekend and the Honor Chorus will go soon. Congratulations and good luck. Lastly, if your child is in 4th or 5th grade and would like to take the GATE test, please see the GATE info in this Tuesday Tide below.

Thanks for all your support,

John Jackson