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Sign-up to Sponsor a Child for the Holidays

This year, our school is sponsoring several families participating in the Holidays From the Heart program at Children's Hospital LA. This program seeks to create hope for families by fulfilling their basic needs and alleviating some of the stress felt during the holiday season.  Holiday staff members identify and nominate CHLA families that are financially unable to provide for themselves and their children during the holiday season, and invite them to participate in the Holidays From the Heart program. 
Here's where you come in: We are looking for 1-2 Robinson "leads" per grade and approximately 5-10 Robinson "sponsor" families per grade to help purchase gifts for individual family members.

Lead Families: will be responsible for contacting sponsor families (see below) to assign individual sponsorships, communicate the "wish list items", and coordinate a date to collect the gifts and deliver them to the family (or CHLA).  Lead families will receive their family assignment and wish list the week of December 8.  We've requested 2 lead families so you can work together.  Click here to sign up!

Sponsor Families: will be responsible for purchasing wish list items for individual family members and delivering them to your Lead Family by a specified date (to be communicated by your lead).  You will also be asked to wrap and label each gift.  Holidays From the Heart suggests spending $100-$150 on each individual. Click here to sign up!

For more information on the Holidays From the Heart Program, please visit the CHLA website or click here.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Schuyler Chang.