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Volunteer Spotlight

Special thanks to Andrea Hynes and Colleen Jester for serving as 5th Grade Event Coordinators this year.  These chairs, along with a great team of parents — including Monique Bottene, Cheryl Fire, Karissa Marsh, Stephanie Dubinsky, Lilette Ballantine, Laura Kiely, Tina Testa, Valerie Lemmon, Mandy Gregory, Heath Gregory, Joclene Davey, Marcie Baim, Dora Seiffer and Neeraj Rotondo — have worked to plan and create memorable culmination celebrations for our Fifth Grade class. Our culmination activities are made possible by the year-long fundraising efforts of a dedicated team of parents, including Ashley Brown (Student Store), Chickie Leonard (apparel sales) and Monica Connor, Kathy Delino and Melissa Davis (ice treat sales).