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What Is Scrip? - Scrip is a gift certificate or gift card that spends just like cash.  Scrip sales (including eScrip) are Robinson PTSA’s largest year-round fundraiser.  Last year, we raised over $20,000 for the PTSA!

How Does It Work? - Local merchants sell scrip certificates to Robinson PTSA at a discount.  Then, the PTSA sells scrip to you at face value.  You pay no more to use scrip than you would cash.  Robinson earns the difference between the face value of the scrip and the discounted price (3-20%).

What Can You Do To Participate? -

Buy Scrip!  Fill out a Regular Scrip Order Form for merchants you regularly use or when you plan to make a special purchase.  In addition to grocery stores and restaurants, we have scrip for travel needs like hotels and rental cars.  Scrip gift cards/certificates make great gifts too!

Place a Monthly Standing Order (MSO)!  Make scrip ordering easy and place a Monthly Standing Order (MSO) of scrip for the vendors you use regularly!  Consider your monthly spending habits…do you do most of your grocery shopping at Vons or Whole Foods?   We have Scrip for that!   We have scrip for many of the everyday spending you do around town including grocery stores, dry cleaners, restaurants, coffee shops and more!  Simply fill out a Monthly Standing Order (MSO) Form and on the first Wednesday of every month, your order will be ready.  All of our forms are available on our website or you can pick them up in the Office.

Sign up for eScrip!  Just register your credit cards and rewards cards and automatically earn rebates for Robinson every time you swipe! 

  • Visit and click “Sign Up”
  • Select Robinson as your school
  • Enter your Vons Club Card and credit/debit cards.  Call 877-723-3929 if you forgot your Vons Club Card number.
  • If you are already an eScrip member, simply add Robinson as one of your groups

Sign up your Ralphs Rewards Card!  Give your Ralph’s cashier the Ralphs Card Enroll Form to automatically link your Ralph’s card to Robinson.  Or, to register your Ralph’s card online, visit , click “Ralphs Rewards” and register your card.  Call 800-660-9003 if you forgot your Ralphs Rewards Card number.  Select “Community Contribution” and input Robinson’s Organization #84329.

Get a Target Red Card!  Earn dollars for Robinson every time you shop at Target!

  • Go to Target and see a cashier to fill out an application for a Target Debit or Credit card.  Using your Red Card, you’ll receive a 5% discount every time you shop!
  • Then, go to and register your Target card for Robinson School and Robinson receives 1% of everything you spend at Target!

Earn when shopping at the Manhattan Village!  Earn dollars for Robinson every time you shop anywhere at the Manhattan Village Mall by taking your receipts to the concierge (across from the Apple Store) for credit to Robinson Elementary.  Visit Shop Manhattan Village for more information.