Robinson Elementary School

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Kindness Rocks Starts Ripple Effect

Congratulations Riptides on a fantastic Kindness Rocks event! Big thank you to artist and Robinson parent Alex Dionisio for her passionate leadership on bringing this to our school. Thank you also to our amazing community service team Schuyler Chang, Dina Stephens and Kirsten Ruiz for making this such a fun, creative event.

More than 120 students painted unique designs on their rocks and left them to dry and be varnished over the weekend. Students' rocks are ready for pick up staring Monday after school.

On the back on each rock is the message "If you found this rock, please post a picture of it on the Facebook Page "Kindness Rocks MB" and re-hide me!"

This project started as part of Kindness Week and is purely for fun for everyone of all ages and abilities and to spread some joy and kindness in our community. Get creative and get outside! Hide them around Manhattan Beach, the neighboring towns or head up to the areas affected by the fires/mudslides, as they definitely can use some extra love!

NOTE: Please remember to be respectful of parks, private property and businesses. Hide the rocks where they are not a hazard to others, we don't want anybody to trip and fall.

Have fun and get creative!