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Robinson Elementary School Library

Manhattan Beach Unified School District

Ms. Elena Hernandez- Library Resource Specialist

(310) 518-5120 x3268






Hours of Operation:

Monday- 7:45am-3:30pm

Tuesday- 7:45am-3:30pm

Wednesday- 7:45am-3:30pm

Thursday- 7:45am-3:30pm

Friday- closed








Procedures and Policies:





Students and parents are welcome to come to the library before school starts to check in and out books and for a quiet place to read. Class visits in the library may begin shortly after the first bell rings and proceed until the end of the day. You may look at the Library Schedule for further information. 



The library is now open after school for parents to come in with their students to do homework, read, and/or check out books. Parents can create an account and may check out up to five books for one week loan period. Since transitional kindergarten and kindergarten grades do not get the privilege of checking out books yet, parents can check out for them! The library stays open until 3:30 p.m. Stop by and create your free library account!



The library is open to students during their lunchtime recess from 12:10-12:40pm Monday through Friday for a quiet place to read and relax or get started on their homework assignments. On Fridays, quiet board games and art supplies are available for fun in the library.  Lunch recess in the library is subject to change on a daily basis due to other needs of the school.



Students visit the library once a week with their class to listen to a story, practice library skills, and to check out materials. Students may check out the number of books that equals their grade level. For example, first graders may borrow one book at a time and third graders may borrow three books at a time. TK does not check out any library materials and K checks out one book to borrow but the books stay in their classrooms, they do not get to take them home.



The lending period for library materials is one week or may be renewed if there are no hold requests. If a class visits and checks out books on Mondays, the books are due the following Monday when they visit the library again. If students forget to return their books during their library visit, they are encouraged to come in during morning visits or lunch recess to return their items. Students do not have to wait until their library visit to check in or out books. If a book is overdue, students may not be able to check out further materials until the previous borrowed items are returned.



Parents are welcome to create an account for free. The loaning period is one week, the same as a student, but parents may check out up to ten items. There may be restrictions on some items depending on the needs and popularity of certain books to ensure they are reserved for the students.



Students in grades 1-5 are allowed to hold books for one week. First grade is allowed to hold one book and grades 2-5 are allowed to hold up to two books only. Reservations can be made on books already checked out so that when the book comes back, the book will be put on reservation for that student.



There are no fees for overdue books but after a month, the book is considered lost. If a book is lost or severely damaged, it must be paid for. Payments may be received in the form of a check or exact cash. There is no change given in the library. Checks are made out to MBUSD. Students who owe money will not receive their final report card. Payments are refundable if a book is found and returned on or before the last day of the current school year.


Volunteering in the Library:


Thank you for your support!

For inquiries, please email Ms. Hernandez at ehernandez@mbusd.organd or your room teacher in the beginning of the school year.


Volunteers assist with checking in books through our software system, returning books to the shelves, helping students locate books, and help with light cleaning. When shelving items, scan the shelf for any misfiled books and put the shelf in order. Accuracy is more important than speed while checking in books at the circulation desk. Training will be provided during the first several weeks of our library visits so it is important to arrive 10 minutes early or stay behind 10 minutes for any questions and review of duties. 



4thand 5thGrade students are welcome to become a bookworm volunteer for their school library. An application must be filled and submitted to Ms. Hernandez, along with a good reference from their teacher. Applications can be found with Ms. Hernandez in the library. Help is provided when filling out the application. Bookworm volunteers must be available every Wednesday at 8am to reshelf items and organize shelves in proper order. Training is provided. If a bookworm misses more than 3 days, they will lose their place as a bookworm volunteer. If a bookworm is sick or late, they are encouraged to make-up their day on any of the other days during that week.


Battle of the Books (B.O.B) 2018-2019:


Robinson Elementary is excited to participate in America’s Battle of the Books Program this year for the very first time. This year will be a practice round and the battles will be held on campus. Students read from a list of books (minimum of 4 books read to participate in the battles), discuss the books amongst their teams and as a group, then battle out in teams who can answer the most questions based off of the books. For more information about the program visit: or contact Ms. Hernandez at