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Absence Form

Report an Absence - Robinson Elementary

Regular Attendance Is Essential For Learning

Regular attendance is critical to your child's education. Disruptions to your child's school attendance can have a significant impact on his or her academic performance. Your child should attend school consistently and should be absent only for illness or emergencies. Please do not schedule extended family vacations during school time.
If an absence is unavoidable please complete the form below. Required fields are marked with an (*).  You may be contacted by the school office for updates or additional information.
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Please consider donating $47 per day for each student absence. This is the average amount MBUSD loses in school funding for every absence reported.  Last year, we lost over $1,000,000 in funding!

Please drop off a check payable to "MBUSD," or log in to your MySchoolBucks account and pay through the Absence Donation portal in the School Store.

EXAMPLE: For a family with two children who will be absent for 2-days each, the suggested donation is $188.00 (2 students x 2 days x $47/day).

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