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Principal Jackie O’Sullivan's Message

Dear Riptides:
There are many exciting events happening in the last two weeks of school in classrooms and school-wide. I am discovering that each experience and tradition adds to the special place Robinson is. Next week is our last spirit assembly on Tuesday, June 12 and the theme is Scholarship.  Robinson alumni from the Mira Costa Class of 2018 will be here to visit and share their college plans and we’ll be honoring students, teachers and staff.  Everyone is welcome to attend, so come early to find parking.  
As summer vacation nears and we prepare for the 2018-2019 school year, there is a lot of talk about teachers and classrooms, and who is getting whom and who is going where. Although we’d love to be able to tell you exactly who your child’s teacher will be and which classroom they will be in before summer vacation, there are simply too many variables to be definitive about such decisions. We are working hard to place your children in classes and getting teachers situated in classrooms and grade levels, so we appreciate your patience as we figure it all out. 
I hope you are planning to bring your entire family to Summer Festival right after school on June 14th.  Food, ice cream, a DJ, tattoos and much more will all be on hand to end the school year with a bang! You will find more information in this edition of the Tuesday Tide.  
Congratulations to Robinson’s new math team who competed for the first time in a district-wide competition at Pacific School.  Our fourth and fifth grade mathematicians took the stage with students from all MBUSD elementary schools to work together to solve multi-step math problems. Thank you to Kirsten Figge, Lisa Jadon, Thuy Pham, Clare Flynn, and Kitty Chan for coaching our team to success. We’ll continue to have a 4thand 5thgrade math team that meets once a week at lunch next year for any student who is interested.  

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