Robinson Elementary School

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Volunteer Highlights

Special thanks to Sarah Elkin and Sam Perkins for organizing another fantastic year of Young at Art for Robinson students.  Along with a dedicated team of volunteers, they prepared and taught six sophisticated art lessons throughout the year.  Thank you to Donna Maertz, Erin Deline, Harriet Clark, Sam Moss, Shana Kish, Shilpa Sethi, Courtney Black, Danjiela Zaric, Pam Luce, Sam Perkins, Schuyler Chang, Any Lanza, Amy McAvin, Geraldine Pepemehmetoglu, Talia Frederick, Helen Spiridellis, Jess McGee, Tracy Mork, Jennifer Goldman, Wendy Finster, Darcy Staples, Deidre Gurney, Dina Stephens, Shawna Fisher, Karalyn Honea, Alexandra Dionisio, Yea-Lan Chang, Jenny Nugent and Anna Musker for all the time you dedicated to this beloved program. 
Thank you also to Clare Flynn and Corina McGovern for organizing the Growing Great program for our students this year.  Along with a devoted team of docents who include Kristy Jones, Lynn Stone, Mandy Gregory, Nancy Neal, Cheryl Desisto, Shannon Boyle, Stacy Myrose, Lizzy Lahive, Katie Brodkin and Dora Seiffer, they have held discussions on the importance of eating nutritious foods and treated our students to healthy snacks.  Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your presentations this year! 
We are want to thank our fantastic room parents this year.  Thank you Shana Kish, Lisa Meyer, Jenny Nugent, Yea-Lan Chiang, Jess McGee, Stephanie Schroeder, Frances Nelson, Loren Kosmont, Kelsey Reynolds, Tania Thiele, Mandy Gregory, Melissa Kim, Cheryl Desisto, Chelsea Zielin, Rob Stone, Lynn Stone, Neeraj Rotondo, Shannon Boyle, Schuyler Chang, Courtney Black, Dina Stephens, Katie Brodkin, Laurie Herman, Dora Seiffer, Jen Berlinger and Alice Chu for all your support and tireless work this year.